Death Dealer Calls

Our short reed Canada goose call with our worn-in gut system.  Comes tuned to be soft blowing, deeper sharper clucks for those bigger Canada Geese. Can be tuned stiffer by request.


DOA (Dead on Arrival)
SVU (Special Victims Unit)
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All Duck and Goose calls come in Orange Pearl, White Pearl, Blue Pearl, Green Pearl, Black/Gold Pearl and Chartreuse.

Snow Goose call Ivory only
Lesser Canada call. Shorter version of the Carnage with the same worn-in guts.  This call comes tuned a little more high pitched, louder, faster for lesser sub-species.  Can be tuned deeper for everyday use.

New for 2015 our F-5 Snow goose call.  This is not a replacement for electronic calls but for the snow goose hunter that hunts before conservation order.  Super loud, loud barks to soft feeding mermer

Our single reed duck call, easy blowing great for open fields and open water.  made with our custom jig for a backsloped  filed toneboard to reduce sticking.

​Our Double reed duck call, great for closer in hunts like timber and ponds.  the call will go loud when needed but raspy down low to finish weary ducks

Due 2015. This duck call only measure a little over 3 inches long.  Ive been field testing it all 2014 season.  This call can be order single or double reed.  This call takes such little effort to blow and you can get so soft and low on finishing duck you don't scare them in close. This is not a loud call to scream at ducks from a distance but a call to work ducks within 100 yards.  This call is so versatile Ill be producing them hopefully by the end of 2014.